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Shebirth focuses on improvising maternal health. Birth is the beginning of life is what everyone thinks but foetus formation in the womb is where life begins. 

Helping the doctors to identify & reduce complications from early stage of pregnancy, and helping pregnant women throughout the antenatal journey will help them to prepare for labour, thus increasing the chances of normal birth.


  • Individual Care to Pregnant Women, as a result Reducing C-Section Rates
  • Helping Doctors to Predicting Pregnancy Complication and Treating them at the initial stages-Maternal Emergency
  • Educating the Pregnant Family-Defensive Medicine
  • Preparing Pregnant Women for Labour Mentally and Physically
  • Encourage Pleasing Birth without Fear


  • To Accomplish United Nations SDG -3 (Sustainable Development Goal 3, regarding “Good Health and Well-being”, one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in 2015) 
  • To Accomplish MDG-5 ( Improving maternal health for saving the lives of more than half a million women who die as a result of complications from pregnancy and childbirth each year) 
  • Reduce C-Section Rates to 15% as per WHO , Maternity and Neonatal mortality rates to 2-3%
  • To educate pregnant family
  • Reduce Maternal and Neonatal Death

Opt SHEBIRTH-Stop Suffering

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Prepare pregnant women to birth normally – physically and mentally

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Doctors can ensure high quality of care for pregnant women

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Artificial Intelligence based product to reduce intensity of pain during labour

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Customized birth options for better family! Join Shebirth Now & begin your wonderful journey.