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Why Antenatal Care?

  1. Antenatal care will definitely provide a great foundation in Human Lives. Better for the Life & Family.
  2. The Baby in the womb is totally dependent on the Mothers food, physical and mental health.
  3. The better the care is given, the better the family & better the future of citizens and society.

Why Shebirth?

SHEBIRTH helps Pregnant Women to have a Pleasing birth by

  1. Identifying complication during Pregnancy
  2. Educating Pregnant Women
  3. Pregnancy Pal
  4. End to End Support in Pregnancy
  5. Pleasing Birth without Fear with our Smart Birth Kit

Shebirth in a Mission with SDG GOAL-3

Shebirth SDG
We together can build an amazing future generation if everyone is committed to taking small steps and a token of love for future.  

What Shebirth Offers?

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