9 Months, a Lifetime of Love: Maternity Support Redefined!


No, currently we are providing Online only with the help of our AI based App Sukh Prasavam

Shebirth is your Accountability Partner for your Pregnancy to Handhold you throghout your journey of Pregnancy and our support like normal Pregnancy Class is not limited to 1 month but the entire Pregnancy in 2 Level of Screening and Continuous Monitoring of your Health

No, Normal Birth depends on lot of Factors. We prepare you for Labour Mentally and Physically with total Customised Care, still there are many situation where Labour may end up in C-Section. Remember C-Section is not a Choice and Vaginal Birth doesn’t comes at the cost of Risking Mother or the Baby.

Yes Exercise Class are available on Daily basis to prepare you Physically for Labour, but make sure you are fit to Exercise by getting a consent from the Doctor

We are 24/7 available on Call, feel free to reach out to us at 7022423264

No Shebirth is a not an alternative to Normal Pregnancy Checkups, rather Shebirth is an AI based continuous Monitoring system to help Doctors to Predict the Pregnancy Complication.