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Baby Moon Retreat

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A Serene Baby Moon Retreat- Your Path to Parenthood!

Welcome to our enchanting hill station resort, where we’ve carefully crafted an unforgettable experience for expecting families like yours. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, our cozy hill station resort offers a tranquil escape, where you can prepare for the arrival of your little one while rejuvenating your mind and body.

Discover the Elements of Your Dream Baby Moon


Scenic Accommodation

Escape to a haven of serenity, where your comfortable resort accommodation boasts awe-inspiring views, setting the stage for precious moments and cherished memories.


Gynaecologist on Call

Rest assured with our dedicated gynaecologist, available for on-call consultations and regular check-ups, ensuring the utmost care for the expecting mother.

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Parenting Classes

Empower yourselves with expert-led parenting classes covering a myriad of topics, from prenatal care to parenting styles, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the journey ahead.

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Yoga and Meditation

Find peace and strength through prenatal yoga and meditation sessions, designed to ease stress, promote relaxation, and prepare your body for childbirth.

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Healthy Dining

Indulge in a specially crafted menu of nutritious, pregnancy-friendly meals, curated in consultation with our nutritionist.


Guided Nature Walks

Reconnect with nature on guided walks and hikes through our resort’s scenic surroundings, promoting both exercise and tranquillity.


Pampering Spa Services

Spoil the expecting mother with soothing prenatal spa treatments and massages, tailored for relaxation and comfort.


Memorable Photo Shoot

Capture the magic of this special journey with a professional photoshoot against the backdrop of our picturesque hill station.


Theatre-Based Workshops

Strengthen your emotional bonds and communication skills with engaging theatre-based workshops, focusing on understanding each other’s needs.

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Couples' Time

Enjoy quality time together with activities like stargazing, bonfires, and romantic dinners, deepening your connection.


Customised Souvenirs

Take home personalized souvenirs to forever cherish your time at our resort and the anticipation of your new family member.


Local Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourselves in the local culture with traditional music and dance performances, creating lasting memories.


Safety Precautions

Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we adhere to stringent safety measures, especially for expectant mothers.


Flexible Itinerary

We understand that pregnancy can be unpredictable, so we maintain a flexible itinerary to cater to your needs and comfort.


Personalised Care

Experience unparalleled care and attention as we cater to your every need, ensuring your stay at our hill station resort is as special as the journey you’re embarking on.

Your baby moon retreat in the hills promises to be a time of bonding, relaxation, and preparation, creating beautiful memories as you step into this new chapter of your life. Join us for an extraordinary experience that will leave you refreshed, informed, and filled with love and anticipation.