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Accountability Partner for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Care | Online pregnancy class
Pregnancy Care | Online pregnancy class

About us

Step into the world of Shebirth, where we embrace the joy of pregnancy and provide unwavering support to expectant mothers. We understand that pregnancy can bring a mix of emotions, and we offer the best online pregnancy class which include online pregnancy yoga class, antenatal classes We are here to ease any fears and doubts that arise along the journey.

Our Sukh Prasavam App is all about personalized care, assigning a trained Midwife as a dedicated account manager to each pregnant woman, ensuring they feel cherished and cared for every step of the way. With our cutting-edge smart app and AI capabilities, we can predict complications early, offering peace of mind to both mothers and their doctors. But we don’t stop there! We go the extra mile to create a beautiful experience for couples, with antenatal classes, exercise sessions, and our special Pregnant Father app that fosters intimacy and love.

At Shebirth, we believe in celebrating the miracle of life and creating unforgettable moments filled with joy and happiness

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  • Daily Online Exercise Classes
  • Week By Week Status
  • Antenatal Classes Live
  • Dietitian And Psychologist Support (3 ‘Consultation Each)
  • Pregnancy Buddy, Accountability Partner (Weekly Once)
  • Birth Plan Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dads App

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