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  • Daily Online Exercise Classes
  • Week By Week Status
  • Antenatal Classes Live
  • Dietitian And Psychologist Support (3 ‘Consultation Each)
  • Pregnancy Buddy, Accountability Partner (Weekly Once)
  • Birth Plan Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dads App

What is an Accountability Partner ?

  • Pregnancy is a beautiful period which is one-time and is a memorable one. During pregnancy, women have 2 lives and hence her happiness is important throughout the Pregnancy. 
  • The final stage of pregnancy is childbirth, which can happen naturally or may require medical intervention depending on various factors such as the health of the mother and the baby.
  • After childbirth, the postpartum period begins, during which the mother’s body undergoes further changes as it recovers from pregnancy and childbirth. 
  • Overall, pregnancy is a remarkable experience, but it also comes with fear, anxiety, and challenges like pregnancy Complications and a lot of responsibilities. 
  • To overcome this you may learn a lot of pregnancy-related information generally, but the problem is you are not getting customised information because every pregnancy is different and every individual is different.
  • We at Shebirth help you support the Pregnant Mothers, by qualified Professionals from different Department to prepare you mentally and Physically for Labour


Why Shebirth ?

  • Quality of care at its best, You are our Princess at Shebirth.
  • Qualified Team to support every Pregnant Woman. 
  • We are there to support you in your Native Language Customised Support for all your health needs Informed Decision-making. 
  • We improve your chances of Normal Delivery. 
  • We hear you, We listen to you, No judgments because we care for you and your happiness is our happiness as we are together with you in the journey of pregnancy. 
  • We have 2000+ Mothers supported by Shebirth.
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What Shebirth helps you with ?

Antenatal | pregnancy yoga class | pregnant women relaxation class

Yoga & Meditation

Keep yourself fit in shape and Sexy which is not only important for physical health, but also for mental health. We Will help you prepare your body to maintain ideal weight to improve your pelvic bone to open during delivery.


Customised Diet Support

Customised Diet support to maintain Ideal weight. Diet for Complications during labour. Diet for Fetal Development

Mom Club Background

Pregnancy class ​

If you know the question paper of the exam,how easy it is to write the exam. Similarly, if you know how to handle Pregnancy and labour, Birth is a beautiful moment. Diet Pregnancy Concerns Relaxing techniques Preparation for Labour Labour Process Labour Pain Reduction First 30 mins post Delivery

Account Manager

Account Manager to support you with all doubts and fears who will handhold you throughout the journey of your pregnancy and help you to be happy and prepared for Labour.

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Birth Plan ​

Pregnancy is a memory. If the birth has to be according to your wish like a wedding. A lot of plans and preparations are necessary. We help you with crafting birth plan

Birth management techniques | maternity care

Baby Brain Stimulation

Human brain growth is only from 6 weeks of pregnancy to 8 years of human age. Learn how to activate the brain and make your child brilliant and best in everything.

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Psychological Support​

Learn how to remove stress with our customised support from psychologist so that you can carry out the stress without affecting the baby.

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Postpartum Care​

Postpartum care is mostly dependent on the agency or 3rd party person to bathe the baby especially, but imagine how about bonding with the baby and having quality time so that the baby is taken care of hygienically. Lactation/Breastfeeding New Born Care Diapering/Bathing Sleep Pattern Setting Gentle Parenting


The mobile which you own costs a minimum (Rs 20,000- Rs 1,00,000) and has to be changed every 2-3 years once.

Whereas pregnancy and birth can’t be changed, what is the investment for your child?

Invest in the sustainability of your health and Gift the baby the biggest gift of your Life

Starting from Rs.750/- only

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