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Bonding with Baby: Tips for Dads-to-Be

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Becoming a father is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be daunting, especially for first-time dads-to-be. Bonding with your baby starts long before birth and continues as they grow. While mothers naturally have a physical bond through pregnancy and breastfeeding, dads can establish their unique connection through various activities and gestures. Here are some tips for dads-to-be to foster a strong bond with their baby, along with the role online services like Shebirth can play in the process.

1. Attend Prenatal Appointments

Join your partner for prenatal check-ups and ultrasounds. This not only shows your support but also helps you understand the baby’s development and your partner’s experience.

2. Educate Yourself

 Take the time to read about pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care. Understanding what your partner is going through and what to expect during labor and delivery can make you feel more involved and prepared.

3. Communicate

 Talk to your baby while they’re still in the womb. Share your thoughts, hopes, and dreams with them. This not only helps you bond but also allows your baby to recognize your voice after birth.

4. Physical Touch

Massage your partner’s belly gently and feel for kicks. Once the baby arrives, skin-to-skin contact, cuddling, and babywearing are excellent ways for dads to bond with their newborn.

5. Help with Household Chores

Taking on some of the household responsibilities can alleviate stress for your partner and allow you to spend quality time together before the baby arrives.

6. Take Parenting Classes

 Consider enrolling in parenting classes together. Learning about infant care, feeding techniques, and soothing methods as a team can strengthen your bond and prepare you for parenthood.

7. Be Present During Labor and Delivery

Your presence and support during labor and delivery are invaluable. Holding your partner’s hand, providing encouragement, and being an active participant in the birthing process can deepen your connection with both your partner and your baby.

8. Share Responsibilities

Once the baby is born, be actively involved in caregiving tasks such as diaper changes, feeding, and soothing. Sharing these responsibilities with your partner not only strengthens your bond with the baby but also fosters a sense of partnership in parenting.

9. Create Rituals

Establish special rituals or routines with your baby, such as bedtime stories, morning cuddles, or weekend outings. Consistency in these activities helps your baby feel secure and strengthens your bond over time.

10. Seek Support

Don’t hesitate to seek support from other dads, friends, or online communities. Sharing your experiences, concerns, and triumphs with others going through similar journeys can provide valuable insights and encouragement.

In addition to these tips, online services like Shebirth can be valuable resources for dads-to-be. Shebirth offers online childbirth education classes designed specifically for partners, empowering them to support their pregnant partners effectively during labor and birth. These classes cover topics such as relaxation techniques, labor positions, and ways to provide emotional support during childbirth. By participating in Shebirth classes together, dads-to-be can feel more confident and prepared for the birth experience, which ultimately strengthens their bond with both their partner and their baby.


In conclusion, bonding with your baby as a dad-to-be is a gradual and ongoing process that begins during pregnancy and continues throughout parenthood. By actively participating in your partner’s pregnancy, educating yourself, providing physical and emotional support, and seeking resources like Shebirth, you can establish a strong and meaningful connection with your baby from the very beginning.

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